Mysteries of Jade
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Jade contains the minerals calcium and magnesium. Jade has the same wave length as the human GI () wave and penetrates the human cell. When the jade is heated, it emits long wave far infrared rays that penetrate the body 14 ~ 15 cm ( 5.5 ~ 6 inches ). It makes resonance effects that can revive tissue, promote blood circulation and eliminate harmful waste toxin.
The semi-precious gemstone known as jade is actually two different mineral species with similar gross physical properties. Formed under the intense heat and pressure of regional metamorphism, they are fine grained aggregates of microscopic crystals arranged in a tough compact structure. The minerals differ in their internal crystal structure and chemical composition. Both occur in various shades of green often referred to as "apple", "emerald", "leek", or "bluish-green". Other colors also occur, ranging from nearly white to nearly black. Some specimens include veins and inclusions of other colors which may enhance aesthetic appeal. When sliced thinly enough they are translucent. Naturally or artificially polished specimens present a characteristic silky smooth surface.

TheVita-Mat Mattress is an electric heating mat that emits Far-Infrared Ray , Negative Ion, Magnetic Super Long Wave. Blood circulation improvement is effective through far-infrared ray hyper-thermia treatment. Automatic electric wave diminishing is utilized (EMF's are the same as the earth's emissions)and the emission of far-infrared ray reaches 93.5 % , plus materials in which negative ions are simultaneously emitted are all combined in the mat.

The 6 effect of far infrared ray
It is called as Bring up rays, Natural rays, and Heating rays that one of the electromagnetic waves from solar rays. And far infrared ray is the longest and strongest gating wave. It is known that the proper wave to body and life is 7~14micron.

There are six effects promote metabolism by getting transmitting in depth and vibrating composing moles.

Heating  effect : It can keep the proper body temperature.
Maturing  effect : It can promote the growth.
Purifying  effect : it can supply the nutrition equally inside the body.
Dry humidity  effect : Promoting eliminates body waste, evacuation.
Counteraction  effect : It can keep the proper moisture.
Resolving  effect : It can promote the metabolism and keep the balance of
  nutrition by resolving every kind of nutrition.

The kind of far infrared rays

Near Infrared ray

0.75~1.5 micron

Middle Infrared ray

1.5~5.6  micron

Far Infrared ray

5.6~1000 micron

The blood circulation effect

Blood Circulation
Infrared cameras are being used to show changes in blood flow circulation. The above thermal image shows an increase in temperature and blood flow in the muscles of the subjects back after message therapy. We use high-tech certified thermography camera to do our research and verify the human body blood flow hypothesis.

Blood Flow Vascular Scan
Thermal medical imaging is a new and exciting infrared application. Promising research is being done in the fields of vascular, muscle and cancer detection. Thermography camera is being use to assist us in blood flow vascular medical scanning needs to achieve the desired results.

Far Infrared  is vital to your circulatory system consists of your heart and blood vessels. Together, these provide a continuous flow of blood to your body, supplying the tissues with oxygen and nutrients. Arteries carry blood away from the heart; veins return blood to the heart. It promote blood stream & metabolism.

Far Infrared also,

-         Relieve nerve pain and muscle sore
-         Adjust autonomic nerve system
-         Strengthen breathing system
-         Deep penetrating action loosens and 
      soothes tired muscles
-         It stimulates the organs in the whole body 
      and keeps them in good condition
-         Stronger and more limber spine and joints
-         Firming and toning of thighs, hips, buttocks
-         Stronger immune system, fewer or no colds
-         Alleviation of many stress-related conditions
-         Improved function of the internal organs

The Effect of Charcoal

If you put the sack of charcoal in your room, you can protect your body from bad factors such as antiseptic effect, purifying, controlling humidity, production of Negative ion, blocking of harmful electromagnetic waves and radiation, the heating effect of infrared rays, removing bad smell and sweat. So you can have
a good sleep because of these effects.

Yellow mud

It can resolve and purify inner body toxin because It has lots of good micro organism. It emit far infrared ray, which can absorb chronic fatigue primary factors, bad smell and bacteria. It can keep the proper body temperature and proper moisture.


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