Aromatherapy Books

Here is a list of good aromatherapy books. They are randomly listed, neither alphabetically nor in order of importance. This is not an all-inclusive list as many new and worthwhile books are being printed as the market expands. These are books that we have personally worked with and find reliable.

Cooksley, Valerie
Aromatherapy: A Lifetime Guide to Healing with Essential Oils
ISBN  0-13-349432-2
New Printing - same book, different cover, different name = Aromatherapy, Soothing Remedies to Restore, Rejuvenate, and Heal

Cooksley R.N., Valerie
Healing Home Spa     ISBN 0-7352-0332-6
Soothe Your Symptoms, Ease Your Pain, and Age-Proof Your Body with Pleasure Remedies

Kurlansky, Mark Salt: A World of History    ISBN 0-14-200161-9 The fascinating, indispensable history of an indispensable ingredient.....!

de Langre, Ph.D., Jacques
Seasalt's Hidden Powers     ISBN 0-916508-42-0
The Biological Action of All Ocean Minerals on Body and Mind

Worwood, Valerie
The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy     ISBN 0-931432-82-0
The Fragrant Mind     ISBN  1-880032-91-0
Scents & Scentuality     ISBN  1-57731-075-6

Lawless, Julia
The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils     ISBN 1-85230-311-5
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils     ISBN 1-85230-721-8
Aromatherapy and the Mind

Rose, Jeanne
The Aromatherapy Book, Applications & Inhalations     ISBN 1-55643-073-6
375 Essential Oils & Hydrosols     ISBN  1-883319-89-7

Catty, Suzanne
Hydrosols, The Next Aromatherapy     ISBN  809281946-4

Wildwood, Chrisse
The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy     ISBN  0-89281-638-4
Erotic Aromatherapy

Mojay, Gabriel
Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit     ISBN  0-89281-887-5

Price, Shirley
Practical Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy Workbook     ISBN  0-7225-2645-8

Keville & Green
Aromatherapy: A Complete Guide to the Healing Art

Tisserand & Balacs
Essential Oil Safety     ISBN  0-443-052260-3

Battaglia, Salvatore
A Complete Guide to Aromatherapy     ISBN  0-646-20670-2

Shepard-Hanger, Sylla
Practitioner's Manual

Schnaubelt, Kurt
Advanced Aromatherapy     ISBN  0-89281-743-7
Medical Aromatherapy     ISBN  1-883319-69-2

Miller, ND & Miller, DC
Ayurveda & Aromatherapy, The Earth Essential Guide to Ancient Wisdom and Modern Healing     ISBN  0-914955-20-9

Burfield, Tony
Natural Aroma Materials: Odours and Origins

Alexander, Michael
How Aromatherapy Works: Principle Mechanisms in Olfaction

Green and Dyett
Secrets of Aromatic Jewelry     ISBN  2-08013-634-8

Harris, Bob
The Aromatherapy Database

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