A synergy blend is a combination of very specific essential oils chosen to compliment each other and increase the effectiveness of the formulation.

Some synergy blends are specifically formulated to be used by breathing in the scent. Our Inhalers are the perfect way to safely use these synergy blends.

Simply remove lid and sniff? perfect for purse, pocket, travel!

Aromatherapy Inhaler "Fill-Your-Own"

These Inhalers are designed so that you can "fill-your-own" inhaler, changing the scent as often as you want. Insert cotton ball into glass vial, add a few drops essential oil or synergy blend, screw vial into vented gold top, then add bottom and top caps. To use, remove cap...inhale scent. To change to a different blend, simply remove cotton ball, rinse if necessary, place a new cotton ball in vial, and begin anew with a few drops of a synergy blend or essential oil.

Perfect for purse or pocket... at home or while traveling.