Natural Sea Salts

What is Common Table Salt?
Common table salt is a mere reflection of Mother Nature?s salt.
Common salt that you find in a grocery store (even much of what health food stores sell) is totally refined salt. When industry demanded a chemically pure sodium chloride for the manufacturing of chlorine, plastic, and for metallurgical and atomic energy uses, the new industry of salt refining was born. Today?s common table salt has not seen the sea for billions of years. It comes from dried-up inland seas, dead salt lakes, long buried salt mines, or fossil salt deposits. It is super-heated to crack its molecular structure, then further refined to remove specific chemicals in order to profitably sell these components to manufacturing industries. First the profitable minerals (nature-provided, including iodine) are been removed. Then chemicals are added to bleach it to a pure white, to re-add iodine (at questionable percentages), and to keep it free-flowing. This then, becomes our common table salt. This super-white substance that has been re-created, has no resemblance to natural sea salt -- the nature-given minerals that our bodies need to sustain life. True sea salt is farmed and hand harvested from crystalline and clean windswept brine ponds, and has not been subjected to nutrient-stripping refinement.

How will I know what is true Sea Salt?
True sea salt (in its hand-harvested coarse state) will be in the shape of very small, precise cubic crystals. These crystals provide a very effective package for protecting the precious elements that come from the dissolved gasses that are emitted from the ocean. If these crystals are broken (or recrystallized), rapid oxidation and dehydration occurs, causing loss of these elements. Some true sea salts have been ground to a fine consistency for use in shakers. While it is true that some of the nutrients have been lost through the process of grinding, the overall benefits of consuming true sea salt is incomparable to the consumption of common table salt which contains virtually no nutritional or body chemistry-balancing attributes. Most true sea salt will have a light color (grey or pink), or in the case of Hawaiian Red Salt, a very vivid color. These colors are due to the natural minerals, and marine deposits present in the brine ponds captured in the salt crystals. True sea salts are hand-harvested from brine ponds a very few times a year with wooden rakes (no metal touches the precious crystals), and slowly sun-dried to retain all of Mother Nature's recipe of minerals and trace elements necessary for animal survival.

Are all Sea Salts the same?
Unfortunately, no. While it is true that a large number of these salts do originate from the sea, most have gone through refining processes using intense heat and re-crystallization. Be sure that the sea salt you are considering has the natural crystalline structure, or if finely ground, is a brand that you trust to be ?real?.

How would I use true Sea Salt?
Use true sea salt as you would any other seasoning for eating and flavoring food. Be sure to season vegetables and meat before (or during) cooking. This moisturizes the granules, thus releasing the nutrients to the food for ultimate absorption. You can also sprinkle coarse (or fine grind) sea salt atop any other foods to which you would normally add salt or seasonings. I love the ?flavor bursts? of the coarse-ground salts in my salad and on vegies. Please, do not use common table salt. It is not ?real?. Our human body recognizes the chemistry of real sea salt, and your body chemistry will be more balanced as a result of consuming a truly natural, Mother Nature-given food.

O?Malley & Potter sells only true Sea Salts.

Go to Learn More to books and other resources regarding salt -- its history and its relevance to health and well-being.

Sel Gris
Organic Grey Sea Salts

Sel Gris
Organic Grey Sea Salts from the prestigious salt ponds of Gu�rrande France are completely natural and unrefined. These salts are harvested using traditional Celtic methods. The beautiful grey color that comes from the clay lined salt ponds that the seawater is evaporated in. The exceptional French clay in these ponds adds valuable minerals and nutrients that augment the nutritional value and flavor of these fine salts. Le Tr�sor salts are never compromised -- always 100% pure sea salt from Gu�rande France. The coarse salt is moist, and keeping it sealed and air-tight until ready for use will keep even more of Mother Nature's nutrients intact.

*These salts are certified organic by France's Nature & Progr�s. This is the most rigorous salt certification process, which equates to purity and quality.

Use these flavorful salts for table use, cooking, and to add nutritional value to your everyday diet.

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