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Of particular note for use in this venue are:
The "Basic Five" Relief Lotions
Fluid Retention Relief and Firming Lotion
Myofascial Release Relief Balm
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Hints for using our
O'Malley & Potter "Feel-Good Products
in your
Massage Therapy or Bodywork Practice

I am not a bodyworker, but as a person who has suffered from fibromyalgia, I have been on the receiving end of massage therapy for many years. My bodywork sessions and my interest in aromatherapy began simultaneously.

As I developed the lotions for topical pain relief for myself I began to share them with my massage therapist, and she in turn began using them in her practice.

Over the past few years I have come to realize that many professionals who do bodywork and want to use aromatherapy in their practice, simply do not have the time to do their own research and blending of essential oils, and therefore do not utilize this powerful form of healing as much as they would like.

I have written this page so that those in the field of healing with touch will have a better understanding of how our products may be used to augment their very special and individualized form of healing.

Please be sure to read all of our web site pages (especially Aroma-Therapeutic Q & A, and Safety) as this gives a good, basic overview of aromatherapy, essential oils, and each product in our line, including the ingredient list of each and every product, as well as our disclaimer.

This page is intended to give you additional information on the products that seem to be the most important to your industry. It will also give you tips as to why you might want to use one product over another for certain situations, and how best to apply the lotions.

Lotion Products

The "Basic Five Relief" Lotions

I have formulated the "Basic Five" Relief Lotions to be used synergistically with one another, yet they all stand alone in their purpose. Please refer to the Lotion Products page for the general description of each. The information that follows is additional, to help guide you as you begin to use our products. As you work with the lotions, it will be very easy to determine which one to use for what purpose.

If your client has not experienced aromatherapy before, an introduction may be appropriate. You can tell the client that you are working with some products that could facilitate your work, and then let the person smell the lotion. If they truly don't like the scent, move on to a different one. Because of the olfactory-limbic connection, the "nose knows" what the body needs. You may be amazed at some of the results you'll achieve by letting your client help choose their lotion. Also, if the client is worried about the scent lasting as they go back to work, etc. remind them that essential oils are very volatile, and the scent dissipates rapidly.

These five lotion-based products are offered in either Regular or Concentrated formula.

Regular formula is for larger "geographical" or surface-areas of the body, and I believe this is best for most massage work. In nearly all cases, this is a strong enough concentration. Simply apply lotion to the area of most concern, work it in, and then if you need, proceed with whatever oil or lotion you would normally use for the type of work you are doing. The essential oils will normally go to work immediately, and within just a few minutes both you and your client will feel the benefits of these synergistically blended lotions.

The Concentrated formula may be used by the therapist for very difficult areas where you really need a good "punch". Or, you could also mix a bit of this concentrated formula half and half, with your own unscented lotion to dilute the concentration, and use as described in the above paragraph. The Concentrated versions are intended for the client to use themselves on "hot spot" areas - areas they can reach by themselves at home, but generally I feel this concentration is too much for use when the total body is being massaged, manipulated, or otherwise stimulated. The Regular concentration is normally plenty for bodywork.

Muscle Relief

This one is best for getting a muscle to "give up" and get spasms and knots out. It is very antispasmodic. It is also somewhat warming; Vata people will be comfortable with it. It is also stimulating, and good for daytime use. This may be a good one to use if your client needs to go back to work, or if you are working with someone who has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Try it below the collarbone and above the breast areas, and also diaphragm area. It really made the difference in "bringing me back from the darkness of fibromyalgia". Some doctors even thought I had asthma because I couldn't breathe. In reality, I had muscle spasms throughout those areas, and my breathing capacity was restricted.

See Lotion Products: Muscle Relief Lotion

"It Hurts Everywhere" Relief

This one is geared a bit more to bone and joint pain, and connective tissue, tendons, etc. My husband, John, has osteoarthritis, is a general contractor, and really does hurt most of the time. This is his favorite. It is very analgesic, and men tend to like the smell of this one -- it seems to "remind" them of something they are used to, and doesn't intimidate them by being flowery. It, too, is quite stimulating, and good for daytime use. Pita people will be cooled by it.

See Lotion Products: "It Hurts Everywhere" Relief Lotion

Stress, Headache, and Bodyache Relief

This seems to be very neutral, good for daytime or nighttime. It is calming, very antispasmodic, and gets rid of migraine headaches for me because mine are brought on by muscle spasms in my neck, upper back, shoulders, and jaw line. Again, use it front and back shoulder areas. I have people use only this one for lower back pain, and even leg cramps at night. I also sell it to people with TMJ -- they say it's a miracle!

See Lotion Products: Stress, Headache, and Bodyache Relief Lotion

Inflammation Relief

Very calming, good to use at night or for relaxation, and great for getting the stiffness out of fingers and joints the first thing in the morning. It has celery and cypress in it to help pull excess fluid from inflamed tissue and joints, plus the anti-inflammatory properties of Roman and German CO2 Chamomiles, and the antispasmodic properties of the Spike Lavender, and of course the magic of Helichrysum, well, this is truly an awesome product!

See Lotion Products: Inflammation Relief Lotion

Blue Magic

I first made this blend for muscle relief (spasms, overuse, etc.), but it is so great for respiratory relief, depression and as an antihistamine, that I also offer it in synergy form for diffusion. In the lotion form is seems to be awesome for many types of nerve pain. Also, with the Spruce, Frankincense, and Myrrh, it is very good for grounding. Rub this on a client's feet, along with a bit of reflexology, at beginning of a session, and you will have that person grounded and "there" with you to receive a very healing treatment. At night I have trouble sleeping because I'm "out there" thinking of too many other things. If I use this on my feet before bed, I am calmed, grounded, and go right to sleep.

See Lotion Products: Blue Magic Lotion

Fluid Retention Relief and Firming Lotion

This lotion blend is not included in the "official" Basic Five Relief formulas but it is an important lotion for bodywork. It is great for lymphatic drainage sessions, and also very helpful for clients with swelling in legs, ankles, etc.

See Lotion Products: Fluid Retention Relief Lotion

Myofascial Release Relief Balm

This specialized product is specifically designed for myofascial release and deep tissue massage.

The natural beeswax provides "grip" which facilitates the myofascial work and allows the therapist to maintain control, while the all-vegetable oils nourish and condition the skin, and serve as an optimum carrier for the synergistic formulation of therapeutic quality essential oils.

The essential oils contained in this blend are traditionally used to relax muscle tissue, reduce inflammation, release toxins, and dissipate physical, mental and emotional stress.

As with all our products, use as much as you need, but as little as possible - a small amount goes a long way!

Essential Oils of: Lavender, German Chamomile, Marjoram, Cypress, and Helichrysum Balm base: Vegetable oils of; Coconut, Olive, Castor, Avocado, Jojoba, and Wheat Germ with Vitamin E.

Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing,
or if allergic to bees or bee products.

Available in flat wide-mouth 2 oz (60 ml) jar.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release

2 oz (60ml)


Synergy Blends

We also formulate some synergy blends that could be appropriate for bodywork. A synergy is a combination of very specific essential oils chosen to compliment each other and increase the effectiveness of the formulation. These blended essential oils are not mixed with a carrier oil or lotion and should be used only as directed on the bottle. Or, to utilize these blends in massage, simply mix 10 drops of a synergy into 1 ounce of an unscented vegetable base oil or lotion, mix well, and apply as a spot massage, as described above.

See Synergy Blends


Massage Therapists or Massage Therapy supply stores will LOVE these inhalers. I know that many of you are reluctant to use aromatherapy because it could fill your therapy room with a scent that may not be appropriate for your next client. These inhalers are subtle enough that you can simply uncap one that is right for a particular situation or symptom, set it on the table or chair next to your client, and let them benefit from it during their session. There will be little, if any residual scent that could be a conflict with your next client. And, you can be sure that your client will want to purchase some inhalers to use at home!

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There are a variety of diffusers that can be utilized to enhance your clients' aromatic experience (at the same time, helping to keep yourself balanced throughout your busy day!).

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Claudia O'Malley